About Me

Hei! My greatest passions in life are my family, my religion, music, and teaching Finnish. I recently finished my master’s degree in Second Language Teaching from Brigham Young University at the age of 60. My project was writing curriculum for Concordia Language Villages’ Finnish camp called Salolampi. I have been teaching at Salolampi adult and family programs since 2002 and am currently the director of Adult Week camps. I also work as a Finnish teacher and as the Scandinavian Languages Coordinator at BYU. I have also taught piano and guitar lessons for many years and believe in incorporating music, movement, and variety into my language teaching. Learning a language should be fun! I am involved in the Finnish community as president of the Finlandia Foundation of Utah and former president of the Salolampi Foundation. My mom, a full-blooded Finn, told me once that I was more Finnish than she was–and I am only half-Finnish!